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Labor Day Reminds Us to Stay Safe at Work

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2016 | Uncategorized

We celebrated labor day last week.  This day honors workers all across the state for their hard work and daily dedication to their jobs.  It also reminds us here at Fay and Associates that many hard workers engage in dangerous or demanding jobs.  Our overall health is not only influenced by our daily life choices but can be steered by where we work.  Practicing safety in the work environment is essential to staying healthy.  However, as we see often, accidents and injuries happen even when workers and employers take the proper steps to ensure safety.

Many workers are told that they were injured on the job because they did not take the employer-mandated safety steps to prevent injury.  Many times, this is the excuse by the employer and/or insurer to deny their injury claims.  This is not the law!  If this, or any other questionable situation has happened to you, make sure you contact a professional to assist you in answering questions.  Work hard and stay safe-you deserve it.