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Public Transportation Accidents

Minnesota Public Transportation Accident Victims Lawyers

In 1997, we began this law firm with a simple vision — to vigorously protect accident victims. We have not swayed away from our original focus. In fact, we welcome complex personal injury cases involving public transportation accidents. Let us protect your future with experience you can trust.

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At the Minneapolis law offices of Fay & Associates, LLC, we have more than a decade of experience dealing with insurance companies. We devote as many resources as necessary to demonstrate fault in complicated public transportation accidents, involving:

  • Taxicab accidents
  • Light rail accidents
  • Metro Transit bus accidents

The attorneys at our law firm carefully review maintenance reports and safety regulations to determine if the transportation company failed to follow the applicable safety standards. We understand the special deadlines imposed when suing public entities and we ensure all legal notices are filed on time. We investigate the driver’s history and experience, interview eyewitnesses, and examine any prior issues with the bus or train involved in the accident.

Our hands-on approach helps us develop compelling legal arguments complete with medical reports, photos of the accident, and police reports. We carefully incorporate every detail to demonstrate negligence on the part of the transit authority or cab company. Our law firm’s personal injury attorneys also have experience pursuing claims against negligent third parties. We aggressively work to obtain compensation against manufacturers for faulty parts or service companies for failing to properly maintain vehicle.

Seeking Maximum Compensation

The lawyers at our law firm work to obtain maximum compensation possible for accident victims. We consult clients’ doctors to understand the extent of their injuries. If you have sustained substantial injuries, we work with vocational experts to show how your earning ability has been affected. We are committed to obtaining maximum compensation for lost wages, hospital costs, rehabilitative care, and other medical needs.

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We help you recover from your accident injury. We also have experience providing compassionate support to families who tragically lost loved ones in wrongful death accidents. We are ready to help you. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.