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After an injury, you want to feel confident knowing that you have someone you can turn to – and this includes a legal advocate you can turn. The law firm of Fay & Associates LLC has an established reputation for providing high-quality legal services. You can expect to get the individualized attention your case deserves.

Advocates For The Injured

We choose to focus our firm in a few areas of law so we can stay in the foreground of legal changes and gain in-depth legal knowledge that our clients can benefit from. Our attorneys never represent insurance companies or large corporations. Since 1997, our firm has been representing car accident victims, those suffering serious injuries and people who have been injured in the workplace. Whether you have questions about the process of appealing a workers’ compensation claim or need help dealing with insurance after a car crash, our lawyers are ready to provide support.

Contact our law firm at 844-4-Fay-Law to schedule your first no-obligation meeting. We accept cases in the entire Minnesota and Wisconsin area and surrounding suburbs

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With a full staff of attorneys, paralegals and investigators, our entire staff is dedicated to getting our clients the best possible results. Our team is extremely thorough in how we investigate claims and take an aggressive stance in the courtroom.

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Please contact us to schedule your first appointment. Call 844-4-Fay-Law or contact our firm online. Most of our cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means you do not pay attorney fees unless we win your case.