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Serious Workplace Injuries

Every job requires a unique set of physical and mental skills, and an injury can make it extremely difficult to work in your designated field. If you have suffered an injury in the workplace, you may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Going through the process of reporting a workplace accident, getting medical treatment and starting the recovery process is challenging, but at our firm you have someone on your side.

At Fay & Associates LLC, we are here to provide help and support when you need it most. We have an established injury law practice and serve the Twin Cities area. Whether you have questions about what to do after a workplace accident or want advice on workers’ comp basics, you can expect to get honest answers and straightforward advice from our firm.

Working With An Open-Minded Team

Attorney Eric Nelson leads our workers’ compensation part of our practice. He takes a very hands-on approach to working with clients. He and our legal team want you to feel confident bringing your questions to us and comfortable discussing all the details of your workplace injury. We ask a number of questions so we can best understand your situation and where you are at in the workers’ comp process, and advise on a strategy to pursue.

Types Of Common Workplace Injuries

Every industry/workplace is unique, but there are some types of injuries that are more common than others. At our firm, we have the skills to handle even the most unique, complex workers’ comp injury cases. Our work injury lawyers handle many types of cases, including:

We also handle work-related car accidents, including serious injuries resulting from car crashes in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area. You may not even know you have a work injury claim until you talk to an attorney.

Your First Appointment Is On Us

There is no risk in meeting with our team to discuss the details of your injury. We offer a free consultation to discuss the details of your situation. Call 612-333-6900 or contact us online to book a consultation. We accept cases throughout the entire Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area.