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Workers’ Comp Benefits Explained

Workers’ compensation benefits are unique in every state, and if you do not specifically deal with work-related injury claims, it can be tough to understand what kind of benefits may relate to your case. If you’ve been injured in Minnesota, you should consult with an injury attorney with a proven track record.

At the Twin Cities law firm of Fay & Associates LLC, we maintain a proven track record working with people who have been injured in workplace accidents. We advocate for the injured and never stand up for the insurance company or businesses. You can trust our team’s reputation and our track record.

What Benefits Are Available To Me?

Once it is determined that you have a workers’ comp claim, attorney Eric Nelson will review the next steps and what types of benefits you may be entitled to. There are a number of different types of benefits, including:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical treatment
  • Rehabilitation treatment (QRC)
  • Death and dependency benefits
  • Immigrant benefits

Most people are somewhat familiar with the terms used for temporary and permanent disability benefits. In Minnesota this includes:

  • TTD: Temporary total disability
  • TPD: Temporary partial disability
  • PTD: Permanent total disability
  • PPD: Permanent partial disability

We make it a priority to explain the differences between benefits, the process of obtaining benefits and choosing your own doctor for treatment.

Tips: What To Do After A Workplace Injury

Remember that immediately after a workplace injury, you should report the injury and get treated by a doctor. If you do not report the injury, you could lose your ability to file a workers’ comp claim. It is also extremely important that you seek medical treatment for your injuries, even if they are seemingly minor. The next step is to contact attorney Eric Nelson at Fay & Associates LLC for a free initial consultation.

Your First Consultation Is On Us

There is no charge for the first consultation at Fay & Associates LLC. Contact us to schedule a meeting with our workers’ comp lawyer, Eric Nelson, to discuss the details of your job-related injury. Call 612-333-6900 or complete a short online contact form. Located in Minneapolis, we handle cases throughout all surrounding Minneapolis-Saint Paul suburbs.