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Can I Choose My Own Doctor?

The doctor who treats your injuries plays an important part in your workers’ compensation claim. It is critical you are treated by a physician who has the skills to effectively treat your workplace injuries and will advocate for your best interests.

Did you know that in Minnesota, injured workers are able to choose their own doctors to treat their injuries. Having the ability to choose your own doctor can make a significant impact on your claim, and our attorneys are ready to help.

Fay & Associates LLC is an established Minneapolis law firm that represents injured workers throughout the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area. When you need someone by your side who will listen, provide advice and stand up for you, you can turn to us.

What If My Employer Recommends A Different Doctor?

It is very likely that your employer has a network of physicians to treat employees in the event of an accident. While these physicians may be equally qualified to treat your work injuries, it is important to remember that you are not required to be seen by a doctor affiliated with your workplace. You can choose who treats you for your workers’ comp claim — even if your employer has recommended someone else.

Our attorneys will help answer your questions about getting medical treatment, the rehabilitation process and choosing a qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC), and how workers’ comp insurance works in Minnesota. Having a lawyer on your side throughout every step of the process (even the small ones) can ultimately help prevent your claim from being denied or from running into significant legal issues that could have been prevented.

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