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The Workers’ Compensation Claim Process

It’s no doubt that the process of filing for workers’ comp benefits in Minnesota can be tough — especially if you do not have an experienced lawyer guiding you through the process and helping to prevent challenges.

At Fay & Associates LLC, we are committed to you throughout the life of your claim. From helping explain the next steps after a workplace accident until your claim is closed, we are here to provide guidance and support your best interests. We serve clients all across the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area facing serious personal injuries and workplace accident injuries.

Workers’ Compensation Process: Next Steps After An Accident

Minnesota offers a number of different benefits for workplace injuries. After an accident, you need to be sure to follow these steps:

  • Report the accident
  • Be seen by a doctor
  • Gather documents/paperwork to support your claim
  • Meet with a lawyer at Fay & Associates LLC

Getting Medical Treatment And Rehabilitation

After a workplace accident, it is important you are promptly seen and treated by a doctor. It’s a common misconception that you can only be seen by a doctor affiliated with your work. You are able to choose your own doctor for your injuries. Choosing the wrong doctor or a doctor who is not appropriate to treat your specific injuries can make your work comp claim much more difficult.

We can help with questions on how medical treatment is paid for, rehabilitation and vocational rehabilitation, QRC (if needed) and more. Additionally, our attorneys can help with the process of workers’ comp benefits and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

Most importantly, we can help monitor your case and make sure that claim keeps progressing and that any issues are addressed before they hurt your claim.

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