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Burns And Electrocutions

Minneapolis Burn Injury Lawyers

Burns are one of the most serious and painful types of injuries. Burns can be caused by many factors including fires, explosions, gas tank explosions or other situations involving the liability of companies.

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Burns are classified as first, second or third degree depending on the depth of the burn. First degree burns are characterized as the least severe and cause superficial damage and reddened skin with swelling. Examples of first degree burns are sunburn or touching a hot stove. A first degree burn is painful, but it is not a major medical problem even if it covers a large area.

Minnesota Burn Injuries Attorneys

Second degree burns are deeper than a first degree burn, and are therefore, more severe. Second degree burns cause blisters and splitting of the skin layers. Examples of second degree burns are severe sunburn or scalding with hot water. These burns are severely painful, and if extensive, can lead to fluid loss and even dehydration. Second degree burns of the face or hand are especially dangerous because they may result in cosmetic damage or decreased function.

Third degree burns destroy all layers of the skin and extend into the deeper tissue, therefore, making them the most severe. Fat, muscle and even bone may be affected. Although these burns are the most serious, they are painless because the nerve endings are destroyed by the burn. Affected areas may be charred (brown or black) or may appear dry and white.

Third degree burns result in scarring and often lead to frequent and severe problems with infection and fluid loss.

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